About Buzzador

Buzzador - "The social media integrator" 

Buzzador was founded 2005 by Pär Thunström. Buzzadors business concept is based on the most powerful force to influence, a friend's recommendation! Our vision is to link the consumer goods companies closer to their consumers by creating a direct dialogue and to listen to what the consumers think about their products and services. From the very beginning we used blogs to spread the message to a larger audience. As social media has increased rapidly, we have launched new products and integrated blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etcetera in our offer.


Our product portfolio has grown to meet our customers' desire; Buzzador should take overall responsibility for companies´ activities in social media. Nowadays Buzzador has five business areas, all within the Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). When we started Buzzador we only had one product, BuzzadorBUZZ. Today BuzzadorBUZZ is complemented with BuzzadorBLOG, BuzzadorINSIGHT and BuzzadorDEALS.  January 1st 2012 Buzzador will launch BuzzadorBRAND ADVOCATES, which will forever change the marketing department's way of working!


Our most important asset is our 400,000 members, also known as Buzzadors. It is with help from our Buzzadors that we are able to spread our message, offer them to try new products and services, buzz and above all to speak up about products and services.


Buzzador currently operates throughout the Nordic countries which enable us to serve both small local companies as the Nordic integrated companies that want to run campaigns in all countries simultaneously. Through our alliance with BzzAgent and TRND we are also able, with a contact person, to synchronize campaigns in 17 countries in Europe and America.