To create buzz

We know that people trust

their friends’ opinions more than advertising

Today your potential customers are exposed to thousands of different types of advertising messages every day. This often makes it a big challenge to get your message to pass through an ever-growing media noise.


At the same time we know at Buzzador, that the most straight forward and most trustworthy channel to the receiver is through friends and acquaintances. Word of Mouth Marketing is today five times more trustworthy than TV and radio commercials and newspaper ads. For this reason Buzzador generates online-traffic and offline buzz by getting people to recommend and talk about products or services to their friends.


This is how we create buzz

  • From the 300 000 Buzzadors we select the ideal target group for your campaign.
  • The selected Buzzadors try your product or service during the campaign period. They also receive samples to hand out to friends, work colleagues or workout buddies.
  • We give the Buzzadors ideas and inspiration for how they can organise and arrange meetings regarding your product, and suggestions on what they can say about the product to their friends.
  • During the campaign period we engage the Buzzadors to talk about your product or service through for example their Facebook or Twitter status, write about it on their blog or publish photos and films from a buzz occasion on Buzzador’s website.
  • By using Buzzador’s Live Board you can follow live all the activity surrounding your campaign on Facebook and Twitter, read blogs, look at sent in photos and films and read the users’ reviews.
  • When the campaign is finished your will receive a complete market research study.