How is a campaign carried out?


We have carried out Buzzador campaigns for both products and services. Everything from cooking and beauty products to offers of pension investments.



This is how a campaign is carried out

  • You get an invitation by email with information that you have been chosen for a new campaign. The invitation doesn’t mean that you will be in the campaign, just that you are in the selection group.
  • You log into your pages and take part of the information that you find under ”My Campaigns”. Here you also fill in if you want to participate in this campaign.
  • When the application period has run out you will be notified by email if you are part of the campaign or not.
  • Your Buzzador parcel is normally delivered within 1-2 weeks after the application period has run out.
  • You read the campaign information that comes with the parcel and test the product yourself. Then it’s time to start buzzing with your friends eye to eye (offline), and online via your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other forums and channels that you are connected to.
  • Before you buzz eye to eye (offline) it is good to carefully choose the right people and occasion you want to buzz to. You always start the buzz telling that you are a Buzzador and that you are taking part of a campaign for this certain product. Then you let your friends test the product and share your samples. Often this creates nice long discussions.
  • When the buzz is finished you upload flash reports on the website under ”My Campaigns”. A flash report is a short statement of how the buzz went and what your friends thought of the product. For example “I have buzzed in my mummy group where all the kids got to try one xx each” or ”I gave my work colleagues a sample each at coffee time on Friday, one thought it was good, another one wasn’t too convinced, but most of them really liked the new flavour of xx.”
  • To finish a campaign you answer some questions on Buzzador’s website about how the campaign has been to buzz and what you thought of the products or service that you tried.



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