Law and Ethics


Buzzador is a member of the American trade association WOMMA and apply the ethical rules that WOMMA has set. The rules you can read here.


Buzzador apply WOMMA’s core values of ethical guidelines within:


  • Transparence

    Our members should always state that they are Buzzadors and that they participate in a marketing campaign when they test products and services.

  • Honesty

    The Buzzador should always communicate his/her honest opinion in their It doesn’t cost anything to be a Buzzador and the Buzzador don’t get paid to be in a Buzz-campaign.

  • Responsibility

    Depending on country the age limit to register as a Buzzador is between 15 – 18 years old. Buzzador AB does not market tobacco, alcohol, non-legal gambling, political or religious messages.

  • Secretes

    We do not disclose a Buzzador’s identity to a client company without the consent from the Buzzador.

  • Laws and regulations

    Buzzador’s policy is to live up to all national laws and regulations, both those that are compulsory and voluntarily.