Our products and services

Buzzador is the Nordic’s leading company within Word of Mouth marketing and Social Media marketing. We are the complete system supplier of social media. Our unique service means that you as a company can talk directly to your customers the same time as you receive live feedback on your products.


Since 2005 we help companies in most types of areas in the Nordic countries. We have solid knowledge in several industries, from fast moving consumer good companies to capital goods and online services. Some of our customers are Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever.



BuzzadorBUZZ is Buzzador’s original product and is based on the most powerful way to influence – a friend’s recommendation!


When Buzzador started in 2005, social media hardly existed, and BuzzadorBUZZ campaigns were all about getting people to talk face to face about products and services. Today we have developed the product.. Read more



Do you want to be visible on blogs? Buzzador has 25 000 registered blogs and the number keeps growing. With BuzzadorBLOG we have changed and set a new standard for how to use blogs in marketing.. Read more



BuzzadorINSIGHT is Buzzador’s market research service. We do market research and test new products before they are launched on the market. We are located in the Nordics and do most types of surveys.. Read more



Some products are simply too expensive to give away for free in standard Buzzador campaigns. Instead of turning these down we have created a new product called BuzzadorDEALS.


BuzzadorDEALS means that we give our Buzzadors the opportunity to buy products at a greatly reduced price, usually 50% lower than in stores.. Read more


You have probably met people who love and are enthusiastic regarding a particular product or service, and who would speak well of the brand in the hope that you would test the product or service. These people are known as Brand Advocates - the brand's best and most important ambassadors ... Read more



Measuring everything that happens on the Internet is quite easy and we do this through a variety of measurement systems for blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. Now we can, by using BuzzTrack, also measure what happens ”eye to eye” between people, when talking over the dinner table, at work and so on, what we call ”Word of Mouth Marketing”.. Read more